The computation below is an illustration of the potential value of a customer with Asset Under Management of RM50,000 may earn by investing RM7,000 in TRUE Savers Account, RM23,000 in Fixed Deposit, RM10,000 in Bancassurance and RM10,000 in Unit Trust (UT) based on certain behavior assumptions as contained herein.
The value you save per month
Total value saved per annum (p.a.)
Transact for Free with TRUE Transact Curren​t Account
TRUE Transact Current Account
FREE 5 MEPS withdrawal​
If you withdraw 5 times at any banks ATM MEPS shared network, you will save Total per month: RM1.00 x 5 = RM5.00
Total per year: RM5.00 x 12 months = RM60.00
Free Online Transfers
If you transfer funds via Interbank Giro (IBG) online 5 times per month, you will save Total per month: RM0.10 x 5 = RM0.50
Total per year: RM0.50 x 12 months= RM6.00
Save at Higher Interest Rates with TRUE Savers Account
TRUE Savers Account
TRUE Savers Account Earn up to 1.75% p.a high interest rate on your balances
Earn up to RM126 p.a.*
*Assuming average balance per month is RM7,000 x 1.8% p.a.
TRUE Savers Account Earn up to RM72.50 p.a.*
*Assuming monthly average balance is RM7,000:
First RM4,999.99 x 0.75% p.a. = RM37.50
Subsequent RM2,000 x 1.75% p.a. = RM35.00
Spend using TRUE VISA Credit Card
TRUE VISA Credit Card
Spend at lower interest rate of 7.99% p.a. in
the first year, 12% p.a. thereafter

If you spend RM2,700 per month and pay 30% of the outstanding balance every month, you will save RM27 per month if compare with normal interest rate of 15% p.a.
Total per year: RM27 x 12 months = RM324
Save on online shopping with 3% cash back
If you spend RM300 per month shopping online, you will save RM9
Total per year: RM300 x 3% x 12 months = RM108
Start Wealth Creation with Bancassurance and Unit Trust (UT)
Count on us to protect your financial goal and loved ones with WealthSecure Smart, WealthSecure Max, ProtectSecure Style+
You will receive a RM50 gift voucher when you sign up for:
  • A Regular Premium life insurance plan with minimum monthly premium of RM200 or
  • A Single Premium life insurance plan with minimum of RM10,000
Private Retirement Scheme/ Unit Trust
Invest in ​Unit Trust (UT) with preferential sales charge
UT: Invest minimum of RM10,000 with sales charge as low as 4.0%*
UT: Save up to RM100 p.a.1
1 Compare with normal sales charge of 5%, i.e. RM10,000 x (5% - 4.0%)
* Sales charge subject to change and vary from fund type

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